Councils of the future ~ digitally paving the way

9:45 -10:15
Introduction & Welcome
Chairperson: Martin Ferguson, Director of Policy & Research, SOCITM

Keynote Address
Chris Naylor, Chief Executive, London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

10:25 - 11.00
Results from the IoT pilot programmes at four local authorities   More details
Chaired by: Mark Stanley, Director, Thingitude

A session to present and discuss the findings from the recent Digital Catapult innovation programme on the IOT pilot projects at four Local Authorities: Croydon, Suffolk, Sutton and Thurrock

Aiming high - maximum self-service for HR and Finance   More details
Anton Bull, Director of Business Services, Norwich City Council

* Routine transactions - leave, sickness absence etc.
* Appraisals and performance
* Recruitment
* Budget monitoring
* Purchasing and payments

Case-study on digital transformation at Birmingham City Council
Paula Buckley, Assistant Director Customer Service, Birmingham City Council

And now for something completely different: 'the potential for transformation in financial assessments'   More details
Glen Garrod, Executive Director of Adult Care and Community Wellbeing, Lincolnshire County Council

What would we expect as a customer?
What could be different?
The digital offer
Missed opportunities

The contribution of apprenticeship schemes to help meet the digital skills challenge    More details
Michelle Fitzgerald, Apprentice Project Lead, Brent Council

Roundtable discussion and sharing of experience on designing & managing apprenticeship programmes, as a way of meeting the challenge of developing a digital workforce.

Connecting Older Adults to Care & Health - Piloting Amazon Alexa in Adult Social Care   More details
Deidre Wallace, Health & Care Innovation Lead, Oxfordshire County Council

Initial learning from Innovation pilot in Oxfordshire using Amazon Alexa to reduce loneliness and improve health and wellbeing for older adults in receipt of homecare

Technology doesn't deliver projects, people do - lessons learned from digital transformation   More details
Sharon Penfold, ICT Business Support Manager, East Northamptonshire Council/Borough Council of Wellingborough

70% of IT projects are estimated to fail on delivering the planned results.
The biggest challenges of any digital transformation are the human ones - often left out of the black art of change-oriented delivery.
Pragmatic and strategic lessons learned can be shared and discussed in this roundtable, so please bring your own experiences and questions with you.

11:40 - 12:10
The creation and implementation of a code of standards for our council's web content   More details
Ian Strickland, Senior Digital Development Manager, Leeds City Council
Sally Boyes, Web Project Manager, Leeds City Council
Andrea Evers, Digital Development Manager, Leeds City Council

How the team at Leeds Council are working to improve their websites performance by adopting a more planned approach for maintaining content.

Building a network of APIs to support digital service delivery    More details
Tom Styles, Service Development Manager - Digital Services, Nottinghamshire County Council

Covering the principles behind Nottinghamshire's approach to integration and automation, the technology choices that allow us to deliver things quickly, and the enhanced digital services it allows us to deliver.

Homeless Reduction Act - Is there a digital option?    More details
Helen Clipsom, Corporate Development Manager, City of Bradford Metropolitan Council

HRA, introduced in April 2018, created duties for local authorities to prevent homelessness in all cases where a household is at risk of homelessness within 56 days and to relieve homelessness where the individual or household is homeless. Between the burden of statistics to be collected and the assumption of the Act that as much information as possible must be gathered in the first interview, the current guidance is for a lengthy face-to-face encounter as the start of the process.
The experience of Bradford Council has been that the need to implement new processes, new software and more staff, delayed attempts to move on to digital and self-service for months. Most councils will probably be in a similar position, still bedding in, waiting for final delivery of all software components.
The question for discussion is: Are there parts of the process envisaged in HRA that are suited to a digital and self-service approach? For example:
* Prisoners due for release within 56 days are homeless if they have nowhere to go. What are the alternatives to a face-to-face interview at the Council offices on the day of release?
* If a landlord has issued a 'notice to quit', could the first action be for the tenant to send the notice to the Council, so a housing officer can opine whether it forms any kind of legal notice (remarkable how often it does not), rather than having to come in to have it scanned. (For example via one of the several scanning apps available)
* If the problem is that the tenant can no longer afford to remain in the property, is quick and easy access to online lettings approved by the Council the answer, or does Rightmove do the job well enough?

Newham Virtual School for Looked After Children    More details
Ingrid Lewis, Strategic Information, Data and Systems Manager, London Borough of Newham
Val Naylor, Executive Head Teacher, Newham and Waltham Forest Virtual Schools
Andrew Beattie, Applications Manager (Development), London Borough of Newham

The Challenge
* Every Local Authority Corporate has a responsibility to monitor, champion on the education, training and employment (ETE) of every Looked After Child of school age (3-18) and eligible formerly Looked After Children.
* These young people have a complex wellbeing, legal processes intertwined with educational needs.
* Small teams of ETE specialists managing caseloads of hundreds of children who can be placed anywhere in the country. Their focus on is on needs of young people with data reporting secondary.
* However detailed reporting on operations needed by central performance teams reporting to Senior Management, DfE and allied Social Care teams.
The Solution
* Create CLA Live or CLIVE (as named by Staff)
CLIVE is a Hybrid SaaS solution hosted in Azure which has the business intelligence to meet the operational and performance reporting needs of Virtual School teams. The system holds the educational, employment and training journey of the vulnerable child from the age of 3 - 25 years and speaks to the educational specialist and non-specialist professional involved with the child.
It interfaces with the central Social Care database and combines this with data feeds on attendance, health, finance and other relevant data. Solution created by a joint partnership of ICT oneSource and Systems, Information and Data staff based within Virtual School.
Meeting that Challenge
* Create a customised system over a time, using an agile methodology at a time of austerity. Internally created solution.
* New ways of working - Central ICT working with embedded staff with specialist technical and business skills (NVS SIDS).
* Creating an alliance with other Local Authority namely Waltham Forest and Barking and Dagenham Virtual Schools to share a common solution, exchange knowledge, experience and of course, share costs.
* Adapt the tool for use in the monitoring of other Vulnerable children. For example Children In Need and Child Protection. CLIVE New Day is version being used for DfE Innovation Project
Challenges We Continue To Face
* The demands of ongoing development with 3 releases per year based on ongoing re-assessment of User needs.
* How to share this tool with other Local Authority and what are possibilities of growing the alliance or more alliances of Virtual Schools?
* Continuing challenge of financing a complex operation.

Content creation for an intuitive and accessible council website   More details
Simon Williams, Senior Digital Officer - Strategic Communications, South Gloucestershire Council

South Gloucestershire Council are putting users at the heart of creating a new website that is: intuitive; written in plain English; accessible for its users; using open-source to reduce costs and increase flexibility. In this session you will hear how we approached the content creation process, challenging and replacing existing approaches and authoring models to improve customer experience.

Treating Data as a Critical Asset   More details
Malachi Rangecroft, Head of Business Improvement & Intelligence, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Why you need a data management framework;
How to get across the message that data is an asset;
Managing expectations when tackling your mountain of data;
Creating an agile team to climb that mountain!
Benefits realisation ... better intel, forecasting and reducing 'data fatigue'

Transforming the customer experience through digital in a shared service   More details
Rebecca Peck, Head of Customer Experience, London Borough of Sutton and the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

Customer thinking - closing the loop and reducing demand
Empowering colleagues to challenge the process
The councillor perspective

Bringing the power of AI to life for the public sector   More details
Arcus Global

We will be showcasing some of the exciting developments and real life applications of how AI using AWS infrastructure can automate and hep make savings in your business.

Building a successful service delivery plan & succeeding   More details
Hosted by Jadu & Methods

Jadu partners with Methods to support many councils' with their digital transformation programme. In this session, they'll focus mostly on Swindon Borough Council; how they have helped the team execute a new service delivery plan, taking into consideration best working practices, organisation's culture and IT infrastructure. They'll share the council's learnings and advice with other councils embarking on (or planning on) their own digital transformation journey.

It's your IT Roadmap ... but who's really in control?   More details
Rimini Street

Your IT strategy is being pulled in every direction: lift and shift, lock-in to proprietary clouds, SaaS for new capabilities. 'Do nothing' is not an option but surrendering to forced vendor roadmaps comes with big risk and far bigger price tags. Find out how Kent and Essex Police took control of their roadmap and drove IT optimisation to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Digitising key services at The County Council of the City and County of Cardiff   More details
Kathryn Palmer, Section Leader Delivery & Business Improvement, County Council of the City and County of Cardiff
Matt Wakelam, Assistant Director of Street Scene, County Council of the City and County of Cardiff
Richard Talbott, Head of Marketing, StarTraq

* Since late 2017 StarTraq has worked closely with Cardiff City and County Council to digitise many of their key services.
* Costs have been reduced because Cardiff are now able to employ fewer staff to process more licences and services to the public and issue more FPNs for non-compliance and environmental crime.
* Cardiff have transformed the way they deliver their services. Citizens can create an online account to apply, renew and pay for a Council service. They can upload any documentation to support applications and there is shopping basket to purchase different services in one transaction. The status of existing services and their expiry dates can be viewed online.
* Public behaviour is being changed for the better by officers issuing electronic FPNs for environmental crime.
* Revenue is being maximised for the Council with greater compliance from license and permits applications.

Lessons Learnt from Nottinghamshire County Council accessing a shared health and care portal   More details
Rosie Gilbert, Project Manager Integrated ICT - ASCH Transformation, Nottinghamshire County Council
Anne Moran, ICT Technology Partner, Business Change and Engagement, Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council will share their learning from the technical design, business change and benefits baselining and Information Governance requirements to support Social Care staff accessing the Nottinghamshire Health and Care Portal.

12:20 - 13:00
Crunch time? Paving the way for councils of the future
A panel session focused on some potentially profound impacts on local authorities due to budgetary constraints, public expectations, and disruptive new digital technologies.

Sunderland's use of assistive and digital technology to support residents with their individual care needs   More details
Dr Geoffrey Walker, Councillor, Sunderland City Council
Fiona Brown, Executive Director of People Services, Sunderland City Council
Sandra Mitchell, Head of Programmes, Sunderland City Council

Context of the problem (demographic, technology, expertise)
Our solution
* Pilots to repurpose existing technology
* Introduction of technology as part of a blended package of care
* Innovative solutions through our National Test Bed Project
Our anticipated benefits

13:10 - 13:40
Digital Accessibility - Compliance with the new EU Directive & why it might be time for a redesign   More details
Jack Niland, UX Designer & Accessibility Expert, Spacecraft

Jadu partners with Spacecraft (Digital Design Agency) to discuss the importance on the EU Directive now applicable in the UK for local authorities. Jack Niland discusses the updates, including legislation but also WCAG 2.1 guidelines. He'll focus on communicating these changes to your teams, making accessibility best practice and implementing accessibility into your websites. You'll leave the session with a sound understanding of accessibility updates, key dates for your diaries and some tools and tips to help support you with your accessibility next steps.

Creating a digital Local Land Charges service   More details
Pete Flynn, Technical Support Manager, Liverpool City Council
Jamie Winch, Policy & Stakeholder Engagement Manager, HM Land Registry
Colin Worth, Service Transition Manager, HM Land Registry

HM Land Registry is working in partnership with local authorities in England to standardise and migrate their local land charges register information to one accessible place. The digital service has been live for Liverpool City Council since 3 September 2018. Each search result provides details of entries on the Local Land Charges Register relating to the land or property concerned. We will be discussing how HM Land Registry collaborated with Liverpool City Council throughout the migration process and we will also highlight the features and benefits of the new service which include:
* time and resource savings for local authorities
* guaranteed search results that provide the highest level of due diligence
* the full spatial extent of every charge appears on the search result
* standard £15 fee for each search, providing a reduction to the current national average price
* consistent quality of data which provides clear and accurate search results
* instant online search result with 24/7 access to the data, reducing delays in receiving searches
Anyone can access the new Local Land Charges service through the Search for local land charges service on GOV.UK and business customers can also access it through their portal accounts or via the HM Land Registry Business Gateway channel.

De-coupling with Legacy ... it's a state of mind
Arcus Global

Liberate your software: Shifting IT funds to innovation by ditching old support models
Rimini Street

Enabling Health and Social Care integration in Suffolk through a single network   More details
Simon Reed, Head of IT, Suffolk County Council
Paul Doe, Regional Director, MLL Telecom

Regional co-operation to drive Health and Social Care Integration
The Suffolk Cloud Partnership Framework and health and care outcomes
MLL's approach and focus on social value, outcomes for economy, skills etc

Digital Transformation of the Customer Experience through Online Services   More details
Deirdre Lavin, Principal Environmental Health Officer, Health Services Executive Ireland (HSE)
Roisin Murray, Programme Director, Tascomi

HSE Ireland are making significant strides in the development of new digital processes across their organisation. As part of this, the most recent innovation will streamline the process for customers applying for export certificates by removing the previously manual and paper heavy process, and providing an Online Portal for end-to-end processing of applications.

13:50 - 14:35
AI & Customer Experience Panel Session   More details
Matt Culpin, Creative Director, Jadu & Spacecraft
Kevin White, Digital Services Manager, Northampton Borough Council

AI, automation and chatbot technology continues to evolve. There aren't many retail or marketplace websites you visit, which don't have some kind of automated customer service offering. Why should local government be any different? We talk about savings, opportunities and use cases for your customer support teams, as well as deep-dive into examples of how Northampton Borough Council are using the technology. We don't want to replace your people with technology, but we do want it to support your teams so they can tackle the wider and bigger problems - faster. You'll leave the session feeling excited about the technology opportunities in local government.

Aligning Digital and Data Analytics to the Place   More details
Neil Crump, Chief Data Officer, Worcestershire Office of Data Analytics

Establishing WODA, a lean start-up jointly funded by the NHS, Police, Fire, LEP County & District councils
Using data to deliver critical improvements to multi-agency service delivery
Leading the change - people, capabilities and governance
Some key learnings and next steps

14:00 - 14:30
Better case management of FOI/SAR requests   More details
Sarah Palmer-Edwards, Corporate Information & Knowledge Manager, London Borough of Hackney

* Some background to the current project: 'Better case management for FOI and SAR requests'
* An update on the work done so far in the current phase
* Pointing people to the research and updates we have shared (and will continue sharing as the project progresses)
* Finding out about group participants own challenges in FOI and SARs, volumes; culture; model of operation; and systems used

Digital solutions for improving decisions on support for vulnerable children
Craig Hughes, Business Intelligence & IT Systems Manager, Stockport MBC

Opportunities from taking a data-led approach to tackling homelessness   More details
Nikki Middleton, Head of Customer Services, Luton Council

Using data to identify those at risk of becoming homeless
Using data to develop services and pathways
Using data to evidence long term impact and cost effectiveness

14:55 - 15:25
Piloting the use of AI to improve social care   More details
Councillor Liz Fairhurst, Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Health, Hampshire County Council
Graham Allen, Director of Adults' Health and Care, Hampshire County Council

This workshop provides an opportunity to learn about Hampshire County Council's pioneering use of AI in trialling a customised version of Amazon's Echo device to help support people to live independently in their own homes for longer, and reduce social isolation in the elderly.

Choice of roundtable discussion groups
A digital culture ... or a culture of digital?
Pamela Moffatt, Senior OD Business Partner, Staffordshire County Council

Makerspaces- how they can support digital skills and combat digital exclusion   More details
Helen Leech, Senior Manager, Digital Services, Surrey County Council

Who should be the stakeholders?
Contributing to local priorities and agendas
Equipment vs people
Raising funds

Aligning diverse stakeholders in assistive technology projects   More details
Anne Arnold, Project Officer, Leeds City Council
Suzanne Morton, Senior Development Officer, Leeds Beckett University

Challenges of complex projects
Stakeholder mapping
Project design vs project outcomes
How to align your stakeholders - sharing and translation

Using data analytics to improve user experience   More details
Charles Grain, Digital Customer Experience Manager, Portsmouth City Council
Jake Fleming, UX Data Analyst, Portsmouth City Council

What is Portsmouth City Council's approach to data analytics?
It's all about the user - digital tools used
Successes to date
Transferrable approach - how could it be of use to your council?

The Digital City - more about the people rather than the technology
Steven Fry, Head of Customer & Digital Services, Salford City Council
Kathryn Kennedy, Project Manager Digital You, Salford City Council

Getting transformation right first time - A digital and people change programme across a strategic alliance   More details
Mary Walker, Head of Customer Services and Tanya Cooper OD & Transformation Manager, High Peak Borough Council/Staffordshire Moorlands District Council

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council and High Peak Borough Council have formed a strategic alliance that has fundamentally reviewed and joined together everything we do, developing one team and one way of working across the two Authorities. The transformation programme has aligned people, process and systems through a digital and people change programme - 'ican'.

Breckland and South Holland Councils Digital Journey   More details
Andy Prior, Digital & Customer Access Manager and Emily Spicer, Place Manager, Breckland and South Holland Council

Exploring proven initiatives to save money
Successfully overcoming challenges in the process
Delivering value to the service

Digital Transformation at Canterbury City Council
Peter Davies, Head of Digital Transformation and Policy, Canterbury City Council

Bridging the digital skills gap   More details
Doniya Soni, Principal Policy Officer, Digital and STEM Skills, Greater London Authority

How can we begin thinking about a common digital skills framework to define key skills?
Where are the gaps in digital skills provision?
What comes next after the basic digital skills entitlement?
How can we further link employability skills and digital skills?

Digital innovation and co-production to improve outcomes for People with a Learning Disability   More details
Caroline Harper, Corporate Lead ICT and Digital, South Tyneside Council

Challenges around scoping and commissioning
Working in a co-production environment
The learning and the proposed digital solution

Analytics and AI to aid the production of Education & Health Care Plans (EHCPs)   More details
Gary Pyke, Assistant Director of Transformation, London Borough of Ealing

Does the application of AI imply a reduction in professionalism?
How can AI be promoted to be used in professional areas of expertise?
How can areas where difference is highlighted use AI and analytics to enable faster responses?
Can Analytics and AI help professionals apply more expertise rather than less?

Procurement of a citizen portal - it's a marathon, not a sprint   More details
Peter Mason, Head of Contact Centre , Wyre Council

Where to begin
What are you looking to achieve?
Which services do you want to cover?
What are your main incoming inquiries?
What about integration?
The business case
Which companies to consider
Who are other local authorities using?
What about specialist suppliers at ShareDigital and other events?
Is the supplier's software compatible with existing Council software systems?
Procurement frameworks?
The procurement process
Making it as easy as possible

Coventry City Council ~ Digital Case-Study
Alison Hook, E-Communications Editor, Coventry City Council

Our Channel Shift and Digital Transformation Journey ~ the results so far   More details
Kathryn Halton, Website Manager, Pendle Borough Council
Vijay Chandiramani, Executive Director of Strategy & Business Development , Liberata

Liberata have helped Pendle Council review their end-to-end processes to improve service delivery as part of their Digital Transformation Programme. This included removing clunky legacy systems and implementing Jadu CXM a cutting edge CRM system to help with online engagement and channel shift.
The council have seen:
- Footfall into their contact centre decrease by more than 95% (from 2000 to less than 100)
- 51.23% transactions are now being made online
- 13,749 cases logged online
- 50% reduction in post to the council
- 61% increase in traffic month-on-month via mobile/tablet
Liberata and Jadu work together to help accelerate digital transformation in local government.

Customer Services and Digital Transformation
Tracey Tudor, Head of Customer Services and Digital Transformation, Milton Keynes Council

Enabling a collaborative culture for local digital public service delivery session   More details
Phil Rumens, Digital Services Manager, West Berkshire Council
Julia McGinley, Digital Transformation Manager, Coventry City Council

The Local Government Digital Service Standard provides a framework for what good looks like to councils, but how do you break the silo mentality and collaborate with colleagues across the sector to deliver better, cheaper services.

Utilising digital technologies to enable care professionals to work anytime from any base
Karen Grinsell, Cabinet Member Adult Social Care & Health, Solihull MBC
Lizzie Edwards, Head of Service, Adult Care and Support, Solihull MBC

Virtual advisor for social care
Andy Culpin, Service Support (Lean Project) Consultant, Newcastle City Council

Myth-busting: digital and hard-to-reach audiences
Sophie Shirt, Marketing and Communications Manager, Bristol City Council

When digital goes wrong!   More details
Andrew Howell, Web Team Manager, Borough of King's Lynn & West Norfolk

We've all been involved in digital projects and everyone loves to tell you their success stories. Let's, for once, have a conversation about when things didn't turn out quite as we planned. This session will be about sharing stories of when digital projects didn't meet their expected outcomes. What went wrong and what would we do if we had the opportunity to start over again? The aim will be to come up with some useful tips to help you avoid making mistakes before you embark on your next digital project and to learn from others.

Rolling-out Robotic Process Automation initiatives
Greg Malkin, Programme Manager, The City of Edinburgh Council
Gus Niven, Head of the Intelligent Automation Centre of Expertise. The City of Edinburgh Council

Automating the flow of planning application data   More details
Peter Kemp, Planning Change Manager, Greater London Authority

This project is being driven by the GLA, Plymouth City Council, the London boroughs of Waltham Forest, Hackney and Southwark and supported by Sheffield City Council and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority with the purpose of testing whether the automation process and live data hub could be scaled nationally, which could potentially achieve significant savings for all local authorities.

Overview of the South Gloucestershire Digital Inclusion Strategy   More details
James Alden, Customer Services Manager, South Gloucestershire Council

Like many authorities South Gloucestershire Council (SGC) are embarking on an ambitious digital programme with the aim of delivering both transformational change and improving the customer experience. SGC are keen to ensure that all customers benefit from this programme including those customers that arent currently online. To do this a Digital Inclusion strategy has been created. As part of the roundtable we will:
* Provide an overview of the strategy and our 6 key themes
* Discuss in greater detail Theme 1 - Our Customers; Analysis and Understanding
* Discuss our approach to implementation and user centricity
* Outline our learning to date

Use of AI and Robotics in Social Care
Raj Mack, Head of Business Engagement, IT & Digital Services, Birmingham City Council

16:20 - 16:50
Closing session: Créme de la créme ~ Digital Lightning Talks
A succession of speakers have three minutes to propose practical ways to make a real difference